Rumi Mosque Friday Khutbah (Sermon) in response to the recent London attack

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Friday Khutbah (Sermon)

Rumi Mosque Friday Khutbah (Sermon) in response to the recent London attack

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said, a Muslim is someone from whose tongue and hands people are safe. Today's khutba is dedicated to the victims of the appalling and cowardly attack we witnessed two days ago in Westminster.

We cannot defeat violent extremist ideology or violent acts by meeting it head on. Rather, we can and must emphasise the core Islamic teachings of peace, mercy, compassion and non-violence as in the hadith mentioned at the beginning of the khutba (sermon). With Islamic values we can negate violent extremist ideology, mind set and practice, and this will be a natural outcome of our upholding of Islamic values in our lives.

Dear brothers and sisters, defeating violent extremism cannot be done by being reactive or aggressive. Rather, it can be tackled by being good, exemplary Muslims beneficial to our society.

In the Quran Allah SWT says in Surat al Maida verse 32, Killing one person is like killing all mankind.' In the Quran, we also read in the same verse, saving one human being is like saving all of mankind. As Muslims we have a responsibility to protect the sanctity of life of any human being, and Allah will ask is on the Day of Judgment if we injure anyone, even an insect, in this world. In this respect, Islam does not in any way allow violent extremism or taking of innocent lives. In fact, we also learn from the Quran that Allah will punish those who take another life unjustly. This is a grave injustice, not only against the deceased and their loved ones, but also to all of universe which find meaning through their existence.

Dear brothers and sisters, a Muslim can not be a terrorist, as these two (Muslim and Terror) are completely opposed to each other. In the same way, a terrorist cannot claim to be a true Muslim, because what he does is completely contrary to the spirit and teachings of Islam, which places such significance on the sanctity of life. The word mumin (believer) stems from amanah, meaning trust, trustworthiness, peace and security. These values are the values of a believer. A believer should always be on Sirat al Mustaqim, the middle straight path, and should avoid extreme thought and action.

Islam came as a path of moderation, in one's demeanour thought, beliefs and practices. Therefore, the Prophet even warned against going to extremes in acts of worship such as excessive fasting and excessive prayer. In this sense, Islam came as a mercy and a way of peace on mankind.

We loudly echo the words of our Prime Minister Theresa May in condemning the terrorists as, “sick and deprave”. Our sincere condolences go out to the families of the victims brutally killed. We praise the heroic and swift response of the police. As the Lord Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said “We will not be cowed by terrorism”. These terrorists are evil, sick and want to damage our country and its peaceful society. We must resist their useless plans of dividing us.

All Muslims civil society will:

  1. Morally and ethically stand by its citizens and reject these terrorists and provocateur of hatred.
  2. We shall act as a channel for Dialogue – ‘a safe-space’ for government and the citizenry to build relationship and trust. As a civil society, we should be able and willing to provide platforms where the government can engage with the Muslims as their citizens.
  3. We urge our fellow citizens to not associate the Muslims with these criminals and regard us as serious partners against the scourge of extremism and terrorism.

Dear brothers and sisters, on this day, we as Muslims pray to the victims of recent heinous attack and condemn such acts of terrorism In strongest terms. We should not let such actions of extremists to harm the fabric of our society and the peaceful and positive relations we have with our neighbours and communities. Rather, we should continue with renewed to contribute to our society in the best possible manner. May Allah accept our duas and reward those who puts efforts to spread the peace and love.